Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Back-Up Plan

Ari tu layan The Back-up Plan. Menarik gak sbb citer dia sempoi.. Tak yah nak pikir apa2 pun. Kalaulah apa yg Zoe buat tu halal dalam Islam, dah lama dah aku join the group. Hahaha.

X sure masa ni JLo mmg tgh peknen betul ke apa. Tp agak berisi badan dia masa ni. She so sweet la... ;)

Summary ambik kat Wiki:

Zoe (Lopez) has given up on finding the man of her dreams and decided to become a single mother, being the eponymous backup plan. She undergoes artificial insemination. The same day she meets Stan (O'Loughlin) when they step into a taxi, both claiming to be first. They argue before she gets out because he's ruining her good mood and he gets out when she says that. Thus both lose the cab. Stan follows Zoe and picks up the penny she turned over for good luck. She joins a mutual aid group of single pregnant women. Later Zoe is at the Farmer's Market and runs into Stan and learns that he makes cheese. Stan is surprised to see her and they introduce themselves. When his classmate gives the impression that they are going out, Zoe walks away. They meet again in Zoe's store where there is a speech about dogs, and they have to take their conversation outside. Stan convinces Zoe to go on a no-obligations date. Zoe is still uncertain whether she is pregnant or not and if she should tell Stan. The night she takes the test, Stan takes her for a romantic dinner in a garden. Things didn't turn out as well as planned when he spills the wine and a fire occurs. At the end of the night Stan asks her to come to his farm during the weekend and Zoe finds out that she is pregnant. She goes to the farm determined to tell him that she is pregnant. Stan is confused and angry that she didn't tell him before and Zoe leaves the next morning believing that things are over between them. Stan comes around still wanting to be with her. They go to the doctors and find out that Zoe is actually carrying twins. Overwhelmed, Stan goes to a children's playing area to figure out what it means to be father, but is suspected to be a pervert; this is soon cleared up. He finds a friend there that he can talk to about the pregnancy throughout the movie, while Zoe goes to her group wondering what to do. Stan takes the next step to becoming a father and orders a stroller for the twins. After many misunderstandings and comedic revelations, Zoe and Stan are walking into the Market when they run into Stan's classmate. Due to Stan's remark that the twins are not his, Zoe believes that he is not ready to become a father to them, and breaks off the relationship. Later, before her grandmother's wedding, a stroller that Stan ordered arrives and Zoe figures out that Stan was never going to leave. At the wedding her water breaks and on the way to the hospital they make a pit stop at the Market. Zoe apologizes to Stan and they begin to work things out. He pulls out the penny that she turned over when they first met and Zoe promises to trust him more. In the end Stan opens a store/restaurant next to Zoe's pet shop and after the Grand Opening speech Stan asks Zoe to marry him and she says yes. On their way home, she spontaneously throws up into a rubbish bin. The camera switches between Stan's and Zoe's faces and the viewer can see their shocked looks as they think of reasons why she would be throwing up for no apparent reason, leading the viewer to believe that Zoe is pregnant again.

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