Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Romantic Princess

At last, abis gak tgk citer ni..sbnrnya dari dua minggu lepas lagi dah settle. pulun abiskan...
Rsnya tak perlu kot bagi sinopsis...nak tahu lebih lanjut, better carik CD. tak rugi ooo...best.....

Ending dia, mmg happy ending. of course la kan...dan pelbagai cubaan atuk dia buat supaya derang reveal hubungan derang. tp derang tak nak sbb takut dijadikan pengganti Emp. Tp ending dia mmg puas hati.

Adopted by middle classed parents, Xiao Mai (Angela Zhang) has always had a dream to be an heiress. Finally, this dream comes true. Xiao Mai's biological grandfather, Huangfu Xiong (Gu Bao Ming), is the head of a prestigious aristocratic family. After being kidnapped by their family's enemies and after many years of searching, he finally finds his long lost granddaughter.

As she starts her life as an heiress, everyday is filled with excitement; however, everything seems a bit different from what she had imagined them to be. In the family, there are 4 candidates, one of whom will become the successor of Huangfu Xiong. One of those candidates is Nan Feng Jin (Wu Zun). At first Nan Feng Jin, dislikes Xiao Mai because he knows that he will be engaged to Xiao Mai and can never leave the Huangfu family.

Because Jin wants to be a normal sales person, he tried his best to ignore the growing fondness of him for Xiao Mai, but love prevails. Hatred soon turns to love as Xiao Mai and Nan Feng Jin's relationship starts to unravel. But they want to hide their relationship from Emp, a name called by everyone in respect to Xiao Mai's grandfather, because they will be engaged again and Jin's dream of havng a normal life will all vanish.

Then one day a new 'Huangfu Shan' appeared and with the same birthmark and wih more evidences that she is Huangfu Shan, a ring with her birthdate encrypted in it. Xiao Mai and Gong Mo Li, the 'real' Huangfu Shan, have the same interests and birthdates. Then Xiao Mai, became a maid in the Huangfu house. But she later discovered the plot between Gong Mo Li and Emp, and more chaos happened. It turns out that Gong Mo Li wasn't in love with Jin, and instead she is in love with Cai.

Then the four tried to confront Emp, but he keeps hiding, with the help of Steward Yi. But soon they faced Emp and told him that, Xiao Mai doesn't want to be the heiress anymore, Jin and Cai doesn't want to be the successor. Emp was furious and let them do what they want: "start from scratch".

Jin keeps getting denied of work, because of Emp's influence. But soon finds a job, and he became a construction worker. Then Cai And Mo Li, who were also kicked out of the Huangfu House, started selling their things to pawnshop but keeps spending their money for useless things. Soon Cai and Mo Li gave up and went back to the Huangfu House.

Soon Emp, had an ailment and has to go under operation.He kept his ailment a secret between himself and Steward Yi. Even though his condition is becoming worse, he still does't want to go under operation. But when Xiao Mai learned about his ailment and that her grandfather's stubbornness can cause him death, she told Steward Yi that she will take the blame if Emp gets mad about going under operation.

The operation was successful, but Emp is still unconscious. In a few days, if Emp does not wake up, the co-owners of the the Huangfu business, will take over. Even though Xiao Mai is the heiress, the co-owners don't believe that women are good enough to run the company. But Xiao Mai still tried her best and took the exams that were taken by Jin and the other 3 (Cai, Lin and Ying). But she failed, fortunately at the time the co-owners are about to say that Xiao Mai failed, Emp has awaken and told them to allow Xiao Mai to become the successor. Xiao Mai ends up being both heiress and successor. Jin remained as a office worker.

The story ends at the airport, wherein Xiao Mai is leaving for the States to study with the CEO in becoming the successor of the Huangfu family, and before Xiao Mai leaves Jin comes and gives her the first contract he made because of her. They (Jin and Xiao Mai) kiss, in the end.

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