Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shopaholic & Sister

Rupa2nya Becky ni ada dari hubungan bapak dia ngan awek sblm mak dia punyalah imagine kakak dia ni cam dia..punyalah angan2 leh shopping sesama...
sekali jumpa, tu dia...kakak dia rupanya jenis penjimat yg amat...semua brg recycle, jimat giler2..yg nyata mmg berbeza giler ngan dia..
Then ada satu kali tu dia ingtkn akak dia tu ada hubungan ngan laki dia sbb dia terdgr akak dia tu ckp something ngan laki dia...punyalah dia sedih...padahal laki dan akak dia ada hal lain....imagination dia tu kkdg tu kelakar tul...

tp citer ni happy ending...ada ke masuk hutan pakai bukan main cun..hehehe

ni summary dia ambik dari sini:

Now Becky’s back in a hilarious, heartwarming tale of married life, best friends, and long-lost sisters (and the perils of simply having to own an Angel handbag!).

What’s a round-the-world honeymoon if you can’t buy the odd souvenir to ship back home? Like the Chinese urns and twenty silk dressing gowns Becky found in Hong Kong…the five kilim rugs from Turkey…the splendid hand-carved dining table (and ten chairs) from Sri Lanka…the, um, huge wooden giraffes from Malawi (that her husband Luke expressly forbade her to buy)…

Only now Becky and Luke have returned home to London and Luke is furious. Two truckloads of those souvenirs have cluttered up their usually immaculate loft, and the bills for them are outrageous. Becky’s even maxed out on her second secret credit card, and she doesn’t have a new job yet!

Luke insists she go on a budget. And worse: her beloved best friend Suze has found a new best friend while Becky was away. Becky’s feeling rather blue—when her parents deliver some incredible news. She has a long-lost sister! Becky is thrilled! She’s convinced her sister will be a true soulmate. They’ll go shopping together, drink cappuccinos together, have manicures together, and watch their favorite videos together.

Until she meets Jessica for the first time and gets the shock of her life. Surely Becky Bloomwood’s sister can’t…hate shopping?

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