Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Otak aku Tepu

Minggu ni minggu bz utk aku...tepu kepala otak aku

Ari Isnin kena pi melawat factory kat Nilai. Hari ni pun kena pi melawat factory kat Kapar. Kena buat assessment. Esok aku kena pi Trg. ada projek kat sana. Balik ari jer, pi pg, ptg balik. THen khamis kena melawat factory lagi kat Beranang. Ptg tu aku kena pi hospital. Ada appointment ngan Dr. Result allergic aku kuar. Dr pun dah pening kepala, tak tahu apa penyakit aku ni. Kalau allergic pun takder, aku pikir mungkin nak pi jumpa ustaz plak, nak tanya pendapat depa.

So minggu ni, ari Jumaat jelah free. tupun kalau mmg takder apa2. minta2 la free. aku nak relaks kat ofis sat jumaat ni.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I need someone

Many things happen to me recently. And today, when I wake up, I feel like to tell somebody what inside my head. But unfortunately, I don't have one because its not easy for me to trust people. Even my trusty friend pun tak online today.

With new task that I just got from my boss that I'm not sure capable or not but I take it as challenge and something else happen just now, plus don't have anyone to talk about it, I feel I want to cry...arghhhh...

What A Bad Day....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Soalan Peksa

Ni cilok from blog forummer IG, nugget
cam rs nak menjawab soalan jer ari ni

One of your scars, how did you get it?
kena tolak ngan kawan masa Drjh 2. jatuh atas jln tar

What is on the wall on your room?
takwim thn 2008 nyer

How are you feeling today?
pening sikit

What are you listening to?
bunyi angin aircond ngan sayup2 music from my boss's pc

Do you know what time you were born?
if not mistaken, morning

What do you want more than anything right now?
relax and watch tv

What do you miss?
my late mother

Which one do you prefer: Hotdogs / burgers?

Do you get scared in the dark?
depend on situation at that time

The last person you went out with?
my sister and my nieces

What is your favorite perfume/cologne?
dont have one

What kind of hair/eye color do you like on the opposite sex?

Coffee or energy drinks?

What is your favorite pizza?

If you could eat right anything right now, what would it be?
cakes or tomyam kong from secret recipe

Who is the last person that made you mad?
my ex-classmate.

Do you speak another language?
yes. bhs kelantan hahahhaha

What was the first gift someone gave to you?
hmmmm....dont know...cannot remember

Do you like someone?
yes but secretly...hehehe

Favorite clothes?
simple and comfortable

Would you fall in love with someone knowing that someone is taken?

What is the best way to tell someone how much they mean to you?

Say a number from 1-100.

Who is the person you call often?
my brother, ask him what he want to eat so that I can tapau for him

Your weakness?
easily bored and feel annoyed

First job?
jaga mini market kt kg masa lepas spm

Ever done a prank call?

What were you doing when you filled this?
chat with someone, ajak dia balik sbb dia nak tumpang

If you could get plastic surgery, what would it be?
hmmm...bersyukur dgn ciptaan Allah

Why did you fill out this survey?
for fun

What would you do if alcohol becomes illegal?
nothing as long as not effect me

What do you want for your birthday?

How many kids do you want?
at least 2, kalau blh spsg

Do you wish on stars?

Do you like your handwriting?

Romantic Princess

At last, abis gak tgk citer ni..sbnrnya dari dua minggu lepas lagi dah settle. pulun abiskan...
Rsnya tak perlu kot bagi sinopsis...nak tahu lebih lanjut, better carik CD. tak rugi ooo...best.....

Ending dia, mmg happy ending. of course la kan...dan pelbagai cubaan atuk dia buat supaya derang reveal hubungan derang. tp derang tak nak sbb takut dijadikan pengganti Emp. Tp ending dia mmg puas hati.

Adopted by middle classed parents, Xiao Mai (Angela Zhang) has always had a dream to be an heiress. Finally, this dream comes true. Xiao Mai's biological grandfather, Huangfu Xiong (Gu Bao Ming), is the head of a prestigious aristocratic family. After being kidnapped by their family's enemies and after many years of searching, he finally finds his long lost granddaughter.

As she starts her life as an heiress, everyday is filled with excitement; however, everything seems a bit different from what she had imagined them to be. In the family, there are 4 candidates, one of whom will become the successor of Huangfu Xiong. One of those candidates is Nan Feng Jin (Wu Zun). At first Nan Feng Jin, dislikes Xiao Mai because he knows that he will be engaged to Xiao Mai and can never leave the Huangfu family.

Because Jin wants to be a normal sales person, he tried his best to ignore the growing fondness of him for Xiao Mai, but love prevails. Hatred soon turns to love as Xiao Mai and Nan Feng Jin's relationship starts to unravel. But they want to hide their relationship from Emp, a name called by everyone in respect to Xiao Mai's grandfather, because they will be engaged again and Jin's dream of havng a normal life will all vanish.

Then one day a new 'Huangfu Shan' appeared and with the same birthmark and wih more evidences that she is Huangfu Shan, a ring with her birthdate encrypted in it. Xiao Mai and Gong Mo Li, the 'real' Huangfu Shan, have the same interests and birthdates. Then Xiao Mai, became a maid in the Huangfu house. But she later discovered the plot between Gong Mo Li and Emp, and more chaos happened. It turns out that Gong Mo Li wasn't in love with Jin, and instead she is in love with Cai.

Then the four tried to confront Emp, but he keeps hiding, with the help of Steward Yi. But soon they faced Emp and told him that, Xiao Mai doesn't want to be the heiress anymore, Jin and Cai doesn't want to be the successor. Emp was furious and let them do what they want: "start from scratch".

Jin keeps getting denied of work, because of Emp's influence. But soon finds a job, and he became a construction worker. Then Cai And Mo Li, who were also kicked out of the Huangfu House, started selling their things to pawnshop but keeps spending their money for useless things. Soon Cai and Mo Li gave up and went back to the Huangfu House.

Soon Emp, had an ailment and has to go under operation.He kept his ailment a secret between himself and Steward Yi. Even though his condition is becoming worse, he still does't want to go under operation. But when Xiao Mai learned about his ailment and that her grandfather's stubbornness can cause him death, she told Steward Yi that she will take the blame if Emp gets mad about going under operation.

The operation was successful, but Emp is still unconscious. In a few days, if Emp does not wake up, the co-owners of the the Huangfu business, will take over. Even though Xiao Mai is the heiress, the co-owners don't believe that women are good enough to run the company. But Xiao Mai still tried her best and took the exams that were taken by Jin and the other 3 (Cai, Lin and Ying). But she failed, fortunately at the time the co-owners are about to say that Xiao Mai failed, Emp has awaken and told them to allow Xiao Mai to become the successor. Xiao Mai ends up being both heiress and successor. Jin remained as a office worker.

The story ends at the airport, wherein Xiao Mai is leaving for the States to study with the CEO in becoming the successor of the Huangfu family, and before Xiao Mai leaves Jin comes and gives her the first contract he made because of her. They (Jin and Xiao Mai) kiss, in the end.

from wiki

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Byk utk aku updatekan blog ni...tp today no mood...feel sad...hukhuk
later i'll update my blog

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Romantic Princess Part 2

Smlm cam frust gak ler sbbnya balik dari smyg Asar tgk2 ujan sbb plan nak pi swim. Tp try gak pi intai mn tahu ok sbb so far takder petir. Selalunya kalau petir takder ok jer. Yes, mmg bukak. So abiskan 20 rounds (lebar jer bukan pjg) for breaststroke and freestyle, then terus blah.

Smlm lupa bawak duit. As usual, I always put my cash in my pants pocket. So when switch to another pant, sometimes, lupa nak ambik sekali my cash. Smlm mujur in my drawer ada standby sikit duit. So lepas la for my breakfast and lunch.

Smp umah, smyg maghrib sat then terus pi p.mlm. Terpaksa balik umah dulu sbb duit takder kan. Balik umah dulu la ambik duit.

Sampai umah, ngadap tv, check apa yg best mlm td. Nmpk cam tak menarik perhatian aku, so terus sambung ngadap cd Romantic Princess ni. Tgk dari cd3-5.

Adik Jin, Lin kan nak ngorat XM. So minta tips ngan Jin. Tp Lin dah tersilap fhm. Sbbnya Jin ckp kata XM perlukan duit utk byr hutang atuk dia. So si Lin ni salah fhm, ala2 suh XM gi tido ngan dia, nanti dia byr hutang Emp tu. So mengamuk la si XM bila tahu. Lin dok paksa nak peluk2 dia, XM pun tekan button emergency. So satu umah bising.

Emp marahlah si Lin ni. Lin minta maaf. Emp arahkan Jin pindah bilik dok dkt ngan bilik XM utk jaga XM. Jin terpaksa akur. Emp ngan Lin blah, tinggalkan depa berdua. XM bengang ngan Jin knp ckp gitu kat Lin. Jin kata Lin dah salah fhm. Kebetulan Cai (salah sorang 4 jejaka Nan Feng) lalu situ curi dgr. XM bengkek ngan Jin, dia lempar pasu then pecah. Lepas tu Jin pun blah. Cai senyum.

Esoknya, XM jln2 then masuk dlm bilik Jin. Atas meja, dia jumpa iklan (ntah cam buku gitu la) pasal umah sewa ngan keje. kebetulan Jin masuk, Jin bising dan cepat2 sembunyikan benda2 tu. XM cam pelik, usik2 la Jin. Barulah Jin ngaku yg dia plan nak blah dari keluarga HuangFu. Sbb dia nak berdikari tak nak dok bawah kongkongan Emp. Tgh borak2, Cai dtg. Kata nak bawak XM jln2 sbb dia lom berpeluang nak borak2 ngan XM. Cai dtg kat XM then peluk bahu XM. Jin cam terkejut tgk. XM cepat2 lepaskan. Jin suh Cai kuar dulu sbb dia ada benda nak ckp ngan XM. Cai blah, then Jin minta XM supaya jgn ckp kat sesapa pasal rancangan dia tu.

Cai bawak XM pi sekolah lama XM sbb dia kata mesti XM rindu ngan kehidupan lalu. XM rs terharu. Then dia bawak pi minum cam kopitiam gitu. Lepas tu si XM citer la pasal 4 jejaka ni. Dia describe satu2. Then part Jin, dia kata Jin tu cam sombong. Then Cai ni citer la, derang ber4 sbnrnya masing2 tak nak jadi pengganti Emp. Tunggu masa nak blah jer dari situ. Yg derang nmpk skrg ni Jin la yg cam bakal pengganti. Tu yg Jin cam risau. Dia tanya XM, nak kenakan Jin tak? XM tanya camner? Cai upah XM suh ckp kat Emp yg dia suka kat Jin then nanti mesti derang kena tunangkan. So mesti masa tu Jin gelabah gila. Lagipun Cai tahu Jin cam suka XM.

So balik tu, XM jumpa atuk dia then ckp kata dia suka Jin. Padahal Cai dah upah, bg cek kat XM supaya XM leh byr utang ngan atuk dia. Maklumlah XM tak dibenarkan keje. Atuk dia happy, terus suh org suruhan dia prepare apa yg patut. XM risau gak, then dia byrkan hutang atuk dia. Emp pelik gak mn dpt duit. Tp XM tak nak ckp, suh atuk dia terima. Then dia blah. Emp tahu yg budak2 tu ada buat something. Tp Emp kata nak tgk sejauh mn.

XM pengsan sbb dok lama sgt kat sauna. Sbb masa dia nak kuar dari sauna, Lin dtg minta maaf. Sbb segan nak kuar sbb masa tu dia brkemban jer,. Lin minta tlg Jin, then Jin bawak pi bilik dan panggil Dr. Bila Lin dah htrkan Dr kuar, Jin temankan XM. XM sedar then dia ckp pasal hal tunang tu. Jin senyap cam suka. Sekali dia teringatkan Cai. So dia agak ni Cai yg kenakan depa.

Jin ajak XM pi hotel then kat situ another 3 NF semua kumpul. Jin yg buat party tu konon utk alu2 XM. Tp rupanya dia perangkap Cai ngan XM. Bg dua org tu mabuk, then suh Lin ngan Ying balik dulu konon dia ada something nak ckp ngan Cai. Cai ngan XM bgn dari tido tgk derang tidur sama. Tp derang tak buat apa2 pun mlm tu. Cai tahu ni adalah rancangan Jin. So dia minta XM jgn panik, suh XM kuar lmbt sikit takut Jin dah panggil wartawan.

Balik tu Cai ngan XM jumpa Jin. Cai tegur Jin kenapa lebihkan anjing dia daripada tunang dia. Jin buat2 cam takder apa2. Cai blah lepas dia ckp something kat Jin. XM marah Jin knp wat gitu. Rupanya Jin dah ambik gambar depa ngah tido. Dia ckp nanti mesti Emp suh XM kawin ngan Cai.

Byk kali gakler XM nak ckp kat atuk dia kata suh batalkan sbb rs bersalah ngan Jin. tp selalu jer tak sempat nak ckp. Dia tahu yg Jin mmg nak sgt kuar dari situ dan nak hidup normal cam org lain.

Sambung kemudian...nak breakfast sat

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Iman dan Kehidupan

I love reading books. Tp jahatkan sbb asyik la baca buku yg bukan ke arah akhirat. Aku suka beli buku, byk buku2 kat dlm bilik tp byk gak yg lom baca. Ada tu masih dlm plastik.

Buku ni dah lama gak beli tp tu la kan..bila nama jer ke arah agama, cam lembab jer nak baca.

Kkdg pelik kan ngan diri kita dan org2 Islam sekeliling kita. Kalau pasal nama jer agama, mcm2 jelah alasan. Cam aku baca buku2 pasal agama jer, mcm2 la perasaan ada. Rasa pening kepala la, rs tak tenang la, mcm2 lah.

Sebenarnya kan dah lama gak ler aku tertanya2 diri sendiri. Kenapa yek aku seolah malu nak ngaku bila aku suka join org2 yg suka buat2 benda baik cam join kelas agama, join org2 smbhyg jemaah. Apa2 yg ke arah akhirat la dlm erti kata. Kalau dgr bacaan Al-Quran or zikir or nasyid dlm kereta, time sampai kat tol, mesti tukar radio lain. Tak bg org tahu. Dgn erti kata, malu kalau org kata "wah, baiknya dia. Konon alim la tu"

Kita lebih bangga utk ngaku kita jahat, kita pi situ, sini, buat itu ini tp malu nak ngaku kita nak jadi baik...Dan pelbagai alasan yg kita buat utk jadikan yg kita tak nak ikut apa yg Allah suruh. Cam member aku ckp, dia agak frust bila dia baik sgt dulu tp end up ada something happen tu her. So dia dah mls nak jadi baik. Aku pun tak tahu nak nasihat dia camner. Sbb bagi aku tu adalah ujian dari Allah nak tgk dia camner.

Cam tutup aurat ker, dari dulu hingga skrg ayah aku dok bising ngan cara pemakaian kitoarg tp biasa lah, ada jelah alasan dlm hati ni. Aku tahu everyday ada je dosa yg aku buat with many excuses. Cam selfish kan. Kita nak Allah bg itu ini kat kita tp kita ada tak buat seperti mn yg Allah minta? Mujurlah Allah itu Maha Pengampun dan Maha Pengasih.

Kkkdg pikirkan, aku ni masih byk la tak tahu pasal agama sendiri walaupun born as Muslim. Masih byk lagi larangan yg Allah ckp tp aku buat. Hopefully one day aku akan cuba ubah utk menjadi yg terbaik. Kkdg terpikir gak, camner yek keadaan bila kita mati nanti. Camner nak hadapi kematian sbb org kata kematian itu menyakitkan. Apakah kehidupan kita nanti? Syurgakah kita? Nerakakah kita? Kalau neraka, sanggupkah kita hadapinya?

New Cd to watch - Romantic Princess

Ni cd yg diberi oleh kawan utk aku tgk. Sbnrnya aku dan kawan tu selalu bertukar2 CD. Kalau aku ada cd yg dia lom tgk, aku akan pass kat dia, dan dia pun gitu gak.

So ni cd yg akan aku tgk nanti. Mlm td sempat layan 2 cd dari hmmmm...entahler brp byk cd ada dlm box tu. Citer taiwan tajuk: Romantic Princess.

Starting dia ok lah, ngan pelakon comel dan hensem. Citer ni pasal pompuan tu bermimpi nak jadi princess dan jadi kaya.

CD first ngan 2nd yg aku tgk mlm td starting with pompuan ni hidup happily ngan parents dia walaupun hidup susah. Parents dia suka berlakon ngan dia..means konon2 nangis la kalau dia tak nak citer rahsia dia...so dia dah biasa parents dia gitu, suka main usik2 gitu. Impian dia nak ada rumah besar, so dia pun buat mcm2 keje utk kumpulkan duit utk belikan rumah. walaupun mak ayah dia dpt kumpulkan duit utk bayar yuran sekolah dia, tp dia tetap keje utk capai impian dia.

One day, ada la dtg sekumpulan kereta dan guard dtg umah dia. rupanya parents dia tu hanyalah parents angkat. dia sbnrnya cucu yg pernah dilarikan oleh her family enemy. parents angkat dia nak sgt anak, then one day ada org tawarkan baby kat dia, kiranya jual baby black market la. So dia sbnrnya cucu pada hartawan yg selama ni dok carik dia sejak hilang tu. Biological parents dia meninggal masa on the way carik dia. Since xder pengganti, datuk dia aka Emp asuh 4 org lelaki dari keturunan apa ntah lupa utk dijadikan pengganti dia one day. yg paling sulung Jin. Sbb terpaksa, pompuan ni (Xiao Mai) terpaksa la ikut org suruhan Emp ni. Masa mula tu dia igtkn parents dia berlakon dpn dia, kiranya sajer nak usik dia sbb parents dia tahu dia ni mmg punya impian besar.

Dlm kete tu, dia igtkn dia mimpi. cuba cubit diri sendiri, mmg sakit. Then dia start masuk umah tu, dia rs cam melampau jer sbb keadaan yg terlampau kaya. Dia terjumpa ngan Jin yg igtkn dia tu penipu yg nyamar jadi cucu Emp utk dptkan duit tu.

Then one day sbb tak tahan dok situ sbb cam keadaan yg terlampau, dia bagi balik wang saku yg Emp bagi then dia blah utk pi balik kat parents dia. Barulah Jin tahu yg dia silap bahawa Xiao Mai tu mmgnya bukan niat nak ambik reta Emp.

Xiao Mai nak balik ke umah miskin parents dia, sekali org suruhan Emp bawak pi umah yg besar rupanya Emp bagi hadiah kat parents dia atas jasa derang jaga cucunya selama ini. Tp Xiao Mai ckp dia tak nak kehidupan gini sbb dia lagi suka khdpn lama. Parents dia pun happy then derang nak start pack brg. Sekali bila parents dia pikir2 byk benda nak kena buat cam kena carik keje lain since derang keje ngan kompeni Emp, kena carik umah lain bagai, so XM rasa cam kesian, so batalkan. Dia decide akan buat satu perjanjian ngan Emp.

Perjanjian tu yg mengatakan umah parents dia tu adalah sbg pinjaman. dlm masa 5 thn, dia akan usaha keje utk byr umah tu. Asalnya rega umah tu mahal, tp XM minta diskaun, so Emp bagi murah jelah kat dia. Lagipun tu cucu dia. dia nak sgt cucu dia dok ngan dia. Tp sbg balasan, syarat Emp bagi, dlm masa 5thn tak berjaya byr, XM kena kawin ngan pengganti Emp (antara 4 org jejaka hensem tu, Emp akan pilih sapa pengganti dia). Mula tu XM cam ragu2 tp bila pikirkan yg dia yakin dia akan dpt selesaikan dlm masa 5 thn then dia mungkin ada calon lain utk kawin, dia accept.

Mula tu happy gak ler sbb dia dpt balik umah parents dia sambil Jin terpaksa teman dia. Jin pun dah makin suka dia dan famili dan selalu spend masa teman dia pi umah parents dia since XM tak dibenarkan keluar sorang2. Tp hal ni buat Emp marah sbb dia nak spend masa ngan cucu dia tp cucu dia asyik abiskan masa ngan parents angkat dia. Jin sbnrnya sajer buat mcm2 suh XM tak suka dia sbb derang ber4 (jejaka2 hensem tu) dpt agak yg nanti Jin gak yg akan jadi pengganti dan Jin tahu kalau dia jadi pengganti means dia kena kawin ngan cucu Emp.

Since parents XM keje kompeni Emp, so Emp htr parents dia ke Brazil utk jauhkan XM ngan parents dia supaya XM akan dpt spend masa ngan dia. Derang di htr ke sana utk keje kat sana sambil tu suh parents dia build up derang nyer kehidupan yg kononnya tak sesuai ngan hidup anak dia. SO terpaksa parents dia ikut je pi sana.

Derang pi airport tanpa pengetahuan XM, sekali kawan XM terlepas ckp pasal parents dia pi Brazil. Dia igtkan XM tau. So XM nak pi airport, tp kena sekat ngan org2 suruhan Emp. Mcm2 dia buat akhirnya dia dpt kuar dari umah tu. Dlm dia tgh kena kejar ngan org2 suruhan tu, Jin yg baru balik dari ofis, terserempak ngan derang. XM minta dia tlg htr ke airport. Jin tlg htrkan tp XM tak sempat jumpa parents dia. Dia sempat nampak parents dia dah masuk tp derang tak perasan dia dtg.

Balik tu dia marah2 Emp. Emp kata tu bukan kerabat dia sbb bukan darah daging dia. XM marah Emp kata jgn igt kerabat ni hanya utk darah sama jer. Walaupun parents dia tu bukan biological parents yg langsung takder related darah ngan dia, tp dia anggap tu famili. Sedangkan atuk dia yg kerabat dia, dia anggap sbg org asing. then dia terus kuar. Emp terkejut.

XM pack barang then blah dari umah tu. Dia tak th nak gi mn ngan duit takder. So dia pi umah parents dia. Nangis2 dpn tu, tgk2 Jin dtg. Jin temankan dia sampai pagi. Pagi tu, org suruhan Emp dtg, bawak dia balik umah.

Adik Jin (lupa nama apa sbb derang lom byk kuar lagi asyik Jin jer) kata abg dia dah jatuh cinta ngan XM. tp Jin kata tak. So adik dia tanya leh tak nak ngorat XM mana tahu nanti dia pun dpt gak jadi pengganti Emp. Jin kata ok.
Sambungan dia, tunggu mlm ni...hehehehe


Smlm nak balik umah, kat traffic light nak masuk simpang ke kawasan umah jam teruk. Arghhh...tension sungguh. Mmg dah agak akan jam sbbnya kalau kuar dlm kul 6 mmg time dia nak jam dan smlm ujan.

Bertambah jam bila ada yg tak ikut queue. tak fhm kot makna Q. dia ingt Q tu que haidar jer kot... tensen tul.

Teringat masa mula2 pindah dok area ni. Masa tu best sbb jam takder, nak pi keje kul brp pun, rileks jer. Line clear jer... Tp skrg ni dah makin ramai org dok situ, projek perumahan pun makin byk. Dah ada Jusco dah. Next akan ada Tesco plak. Makin la menjadi2 jam nya. Nak pi keje pun, kena pikir time dia. Selalunya aku budget, jgn kuar bf kul 8 pg. kalau nak kuar, make sure kuar kul 7.30. Kalau tak, stuck in jam la. Rsnya ramai yg keje kat pUtrajaya kot. Sbbnya Isnin ari tu, jln clear giler nak pi keje. Best jer..Kalau tak, aduhai.

Bila Tesco dah siap, tak tahu la nanti camner...Anyway, aku suka dok area tu. Senang nak pi mana2, macam2 ada. Sbb tu aku beli umah area tu.....Cant wait bila la umah nyer hal nak settle..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Cantik tak? Ni ambik masa pi KLCC ngan adik2 dulu. Ambik ngan kamera tepon buruk ni...Suka tgk sbb cam berchy jer

My New Nephew

Ni my new nephew. My eldest sister dah lama tunggu nak dpt baby boy. Tp Allah lom bg rezeki utk dia dpt boy. asyik dpt girl jer...so ni mungkin rezeki dia. akhirnya dpt gak baby boy. Suka la dia ngan husband dia. Ni nephew ke 3 dlm 9 anak sedara yg aku ada...2 nephew lagi anak abg.

Ni plak adik aku ngengada konon buat ala2 penyampaian hadiah. maklumlah tu hadiah yg dia beli sbg hadiah akak kitoarg. Muka kena blurkan le takut derang tak bg tunjuk muka. Akak aku plak tgh tunjuk aurat, so kena tutup la. hehehe

Miss My Book

I miss my book. This book I wrote all my 'To Do List'. I already forget where I put this book. Not so sure sama ada bawak balik kg ari tu or not. If I terlupa to bring back masa balik kg ari tu, kiranya bye-bye jelah. Eventhough no kids around at my father's house, tp yelah, ambik masa lama gak utk aku balik kg. so better to buy another book.

Masa nak smyg Maghrib, terpikir nak gi kejap larik ke Jucso, carik new book. Abis smyg la....tp lepas smyg, baru terpikir, kan ke ada byk books yg lom dipakai. bukan yg dibeli tp free gift yg dpt masa gi mn2 exhibition. I like to collect things if go mana2 exhibitions. hehehe..

So korek2, ada la few books yg masih lom pakai. better use that book rather spend your money to buy new one. So tara....ni my new book...

I need my 'To-Do-List' book to make sure I'm organized. Almaklumlah, I dah tua and my brain memory not really goods in memorize something. Sometimes, I keep in my mind that I should do this, do that...then a few seconds, I already forget. So this book is important for me. That's why, if this book not with me, I will lost...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

GA Fan

Mmg minat GA since tgk the first episode first season. The main reason I like this drama is because they are doctors. Masa dulu mmg teringin nak jadi Dr but because of I ni lazy dlm bab membaca buku, terutama heavy things dan jugak sbb takut tgk darah byk2, so terpaksa lupakan minat tu.

I like bio but only for my knowledge. I like to read that kind of books such as bio, history, geography only for my knowledge. Means hanya utk baca suka2 utk tahu benda yg tidak diketahui but not read utk perah otak utk digunakan waktu exam. That’s why, time exam jer, mmg problem sikit la. Sbb tu suka baca benda2 gitu time otak relaks…tak suka baca tgh gabra.

Math is my favorite subject because I like something challenging. TGh tgk tv pun, aku leh buat math..kiranya math ni aku blh buat bila2 masa. Sbb tu bab math, aku terer sikit la…hehehe

Masa belajar matriks dulu, sapa nak ambik Dr, oversea or local, kena interview dulu. Tu yg buat lagi lah malas nak ambik course tu. Paling tak suka kena interview. Tp skrg ni cam frust plak sbb tak ambik Dr…dakpelah..tk jadi Dr pun dakper…dpt tgk citer Dr pun oklah..

Sbb tu byk citer2 ala2 Dr ni aku suka. Cam ER, House, GA, Crossing Jordan, citer kelakar Scrub….

Ok back to GA. Dh lama sbnrnya I bought this CD. Season 4. For Season 1-2, I asked my friend to download for me. For Season 3, I only watched it kat tv. Season 4, I bought this cd at digital mall, PJ. The price if I’m not mistaken is only rm50-60. Already forget the exact figure. Season 5 I bought at the shop in the building next to kotaraya. But in this CD, there are only for the episode 1-10. 2 days I spend for watching these CDs. Hehehehe…sampai masa migraine ari tu, siap mimpi geng2 GA ni dtg rawatkan….hahahah. Can’t wait for the next episodes..