Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Miss My Book

I miss my book. This book I wrote all my 'To Do List'. I already forget where I put this book. Not so sure sama ada bawak balik kg ari tu or not. If I terlupa to bring back masa balik kg ari tu, kiranya bye-bye jelah. Eventhough no kids around at my father's house, tp yelah, ambik masa lama gak utk aku balik kg. so better to buy another book.

Masa nak smyg Maghrib, terpikir nak gi kejap larik ke Jucso, carik new book. Abis smyg la....tp lepas smyg, baru terpikir, kan ke ada byk books yg lom dipakai. bukan yg dibeli tp free gift yg dpt masa gi mn2 exhibition. I like to collect things if go mana2 exhibitions. hehehe..

So korek2, ada la few books yg masih lom pakai. better use that book rather spend your money to buy new one. So tara....ni my new book...

I need my 'To-Do-List' book to make sure I'm organized. Almaklumlah, I dah tua and my brain memory not really goods in memorize something. Sometimes, I keep in my mind that I should do this, do that...then a few seconds, I already forget. So this book is important for me. That's why, if this book not with me, I will lost...

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