Friday, January 16, 2009


Dari Dia kita dtg, kepada Dia kita kembali....

Got bad news just now, one of our staff passed away this morning. COD not sure yet, but from what I heard, because of high blood pressure..
My heart parting when I remember almost everyday I saw him walking from his car to the lobby before he disappeared behind the door.
Last year, when he still working at the library as one of the executive there, I always talks with him when I lepak there utk study. He always asked me whether air cond at that room ok ke tak to make sure I'm comfortable study at that room.

Good for him sbb meninggal di hari jumaat....Semoga rohnya di cucuri rahmat...Aminn...Al Fatihah

p/s: also got news from my sister today, my father's cousin also passed away today.alfatihah..

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