Saturday, January 31, 2009


29th Jan ari tu kononnya nk write something kat blog ni. tp tetiba ari tu tak sihat. pg kena gastrik then I have to htr my little brother naik bas kat pudu. balik tu terus pi klinik ambik ubat dan mc. mn tahu tgh rehat2 tu, tetiba kena plak migrain. sakitnya smp nak nangis..

Back to the topic. oklah this year genap 6 years my mom meninggal. agak lama but i still can remember her smile, her laugh, her face when she angry, when she blush, when she sad. compared to my dad, she so close with her children. Always lend hers to ours. Citer apa kisah pun dia akan dgr dan nanti dia akan nasihatkan kitaorg. some kind of filter to us when something to do with my dad. she's the one yg kitaorg akan rujuk before we told our dad. she will approve or disaprove the things. or whether she the one who should told dad or not...

How close we are, when she gone, our life so miserable. We even dont know how to talk to our dad since we not so close with dad. conflicts happen and more problems created. we tried our best to make sure our family happy. thanks to Allah, end of 2005, we as family reunited again and we went for holiday as one big happy family.

Even still have conflicts with our dad, we as her children try our best to make sure our family ok. Nobodys perfect. but at least we try.

Our mum was the best mum ever. She dont complained much about her life even her life so miserable. happy for her she got the best sisters and brothers who always helped her whenever she got problem. eventhough my dad cant buy her jewelry because we so damn poor at that time, but her sister aka our aunt always came and bought her jewelry to cheer her up. also her brother aka our uncle who always give her money eventhough she never asked for that.

She loved her children so much even when she got problem, she never told us because she didnt want burden us with her problems. even she didnt have money, she told our little sisters and brothers never to tell us about it. unless we knew it our own.

sometimes she told us whenever she met with her friends, or neighbours and they chit chat about their son-in-laws or daughter-in-laws and kutuk2 theirs, she dont know what to say about hers. because for her, her son in laws and daughter in law were so perfect. even they didnt, but for her, they are. that's why my sister in law told us that she's so lucky to have her as mother in law.

SO, mum, u always in my heart, for ever and ever. u so much....even I know, I didnt show you how much I love u...

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