Monday, June 22, 2009

When People Come to U

I have two friends. Both married. And both have problems with their spouse. And both also come to me to seek for advice for their marriage problems. But I'm still single, know nothing about marriage life (except what I got from my friends' s experiences, books, etc). So I don't know how to tell them what should they do. What can I do, I try to put myself in their shoes, and think what should I do when that situation happen to me. So based on that, I gave them my advice.

At my age, most of my friends already married. Some of them are happy families and some don't. For these happy families, they always tell me that how unlucky I am not married yet. But for some who don't, always tell me, how lucky I am not married yet. But for me, Allah already fixed your journey, sometimes up and sometimes down. So it's up to us how to handle it.

To my friends, if you still love your husband, try your best to save your family. But if you don't, ups to you what you want to do. Good Luck!!!

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