Friday, June 12, 2009

My Sister Engagement

The reason I need to go back to my hometown was because of my younger sister's engagement. Another reason was 'kenduri akikah' for my nieces and nephews (my brother's and my sisters').

Our previous experienced kalau melibatkan marriages, that's means we have to face with problems. Problems with 'DIA". Because of this, sometimes I feel like I don't want to get married. Maybe outsider can say anything about this, but they, who don't know what we have faced with, don't understand what we felt. Only us, our families knew.

So we have to prepare our mental and physical to face any circumstances that might happen during engagement preparations and also during engagement itself.

Eventhough something happened during that time, but fortunately we as familiy do everything for my sister's sake to make her happy during her TIME. And so lucky nothing happened.

Actually few hours before the engagement, my younger sister already mentioned to 'DIA' eventhough not directly, that she really hope nothing bad happen during her TIME. And I also warned 'DIA' by telling 'DIA' yg every marriages of our siblings, 'DIA' always make us sad and make something that can make other people cried with us. 'DIA' only make ignorance face like nothing happened. Arghhhh....

Insyallah my sister will get married early next year and really hope nothing can make her sad during her TIME and hope it will go smoothly. We as her sisters and brothers and also family will help her and stand for her every time she need us.

Congratulations my dear...

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