Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1 year plus

Ok....tepat kul 12 karang (dlm 5 minutes more), my age will be...hmmm 18..wahhhhhh...muda siuttt..hehehe(ok la...not 18 but 3x..nantikan org yg tahu my age nak termuntah baca kan)

My birthday should be 20th August...but today, ada la dlm 4,5 org, dah wish my birthday. Make me confuse about date already. Makes me wonder, today 19 or 20th? Almaklumlah kepala tgh pening pikir pasal training tu.

Anyway thanks to my friends who wish me day before my birthday should be. And also to my brother who just sent me sms, wished me.

(before publish, dah 12 Happy Birthday to me and to my friend (she just texted me) who share birthday with me..)

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