Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hjh Rohani Mohd Shahir - Ke mana Wang Anda

Skrg ni tgh training tp mata pedih gila (read:ngantuk). Try my best utk celikkan mata dan pay attention what he say but failed!.

Suddenly terpikir nk update blog. Aiyooo...

My latest book yg aku dh abis baca adalah buku ni. Sbnrnya dh abis awal bln ari tu. Smbl menunggu my turn utk jmp Dr, berjy abiskan buku ni. Good thing to do masa wait for ur turn sbb x terasa langsung masa berlalu. Sedar2 buku dh abis bc dan just wait few minutes, ur name called.

There are many tips given by this author. Make me realize a lot of thing. I dont know how to share and explain about that. The best way is go to bookstore and buy one and read it.

I have my own plan and budget plan. But most of things adalah utk current situation. Never thinking about my future..means after retirement. Where do i get money to survive. So this books explain more about it and makes me to plan for my future.

This book is good and recommended. So grab one!

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